Earth Day 2014

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Hofstra University helped celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2014.  The event included a arboretum tour with Fred Soviero to show case the universities environment.  Also featured were many other events to help gain awareness about the Earth and its environment.  Below are links to other information regarding Earth Day and its festivities.


On April 22, Hofstra University held a series of events on campus to promote Earth Day and gain awareness. Earth Day is an annual event that promotes the protection of the environment and everything that inhabits it. The first event began at 9:00am and the last event concluded at 9:00pm. The Hofstra community was heavily involved including the Sustainability Studies Club and the Department of Geology.

The Arboretum Tour led by Fred Soviero, Director of the University Arboretum, presented the beautiful campus and the variety of plants that can be seen all over. Later on, Mr. Soviero displayed his impressive knowledge of Hofstra’s Horticulture and spoke about why it is important for everyone to take environmental issues seriously. These decisions would allow us to live in healthier and safer circumstances. “ We were hoping many years ago, when the arboretum was first conceived and now know for a fact, that making plants readily available in an attractive way to people, will spark their interest and jump start that process of knowledge. Where they take it from there is up to each individual,” he stated.

Dr. J Bret Bennington, a professor in the Department in Geology, Environment, and Sustainability at Hofstra gave his insight on our neglect to the environment. “ I’m not so sanguine. But I guess we’ll find out soon enough if humanity can continue to thrive on an environmental dysfunctional planet. We know what we need to do to sustain the natural systems that sustain us. We just lack the political will to do it,” he stated.

Students were encouraged to take part in the garden planting event in the southern part of the campus near Stuyvesant Residence Hall. There were about twenty Hofstra students and faculty members but most of the attendees were young children from local pre-schools. Tomatoes, cucumbers , and other crops were planted.

Workshops and power-point presentations were held during the later hours discussing responsible investing in greener options for the future. Fossil Fuels remained one of the main focuses in the 12:45 pm presentation and why our dependence on them has will have a negative impact on our future. Some of the featured speakers included Dr. E. William Colglazier (Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State), Dr, Burrell Montz (Professor and Chair at East Carolina University) and many others.

On Wednesday, April 23, an Earth Day Open Air Festival took place in Caulkins Quad where many local community organizations celebrated collectively. The Hofstra community hoped that with these events, people would recognize the damage we are causing and how we can salvage our resources more effectively.

To learn more about Earth Day, click here.  Or to find out ways to help the environment, click here.


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To view a video about Earth Day featuring an Interview with Fred Soviero, click here.

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MLB Payrolls in 2013

Many people have criticized the Yankees saying that they buy championships with their money. However, money in baseball does not have much of a relation to wins. Some teams have very little money but are still able to make it to the playoffs. Many people still believe that their should be a salary cap in the MLB.

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Derek Jeter is one of the beloved baseball players of all-time. Although Jeter plays on one of the most hated teams in the country, all baseball fans like Jeter for his contributions and his charisma to the game. Without Jeter, no one can predict what baseball will be like.

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Welcome to Moe’s

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Kyle ‘Bubba’ Finsterbush is an employ at Moe’s Southwest Grill in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, just one of more than 500 locations through out the Unite States.  Finsterbush has big dreams of one day becoming a chef and making all kinds of food.  Moe’s was founded in 2000 as is known for its enthusiasm and quickly made food.  Moe’s prides it self in food quality, safety and customer service, but after that, they are all fun and do not take their jobs too seriously.  Also, all songs that are hear in the restaurant, are performed by dead musicians to honor those artists who left too soon.  Moe’s is a one of a kind restaurant that are at the top of the food industry.

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The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus made a trip to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to perform from March 5 to March 10.  The performances were part of the blue tour’s brand new show, Legends.  The show started with an all-access preshow that allowed spectators to get up and close with the performers.  Then, Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson, who has been with the company since 1999, led the Greatest Show on Earth. He returned to the stage with his sidekick, Paulo dos Santos.  Also seen in the 144th edition of the Greatest Show on Earth was big cat trainer and presenter, Alexander Lacey followed by the world famous elephants.  Also making their appearance once again was the Torres Family in the Globe of Steel act.  And of course, the legendary Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clowns added much laughter with a number of skits.

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     The Hofstra team lost another heart wrenching loss to Towson University on Saturday, February 22.  The Pride battled it out but were not good enough to defeat the Tigers as they lost, 83-77.  Zeke Upshaw led Hofstra with 33 points and going 12-12 from the free throw line.  They were also helped out by center Moussa Kone who led with 12 rebounds and chipped in eight points for the pride.  IMG_1872.jpg

“We fought out there and I’m really proud of how the team played.” said Hofstra head coach Joe Mihalich.  With the loss, the Pride falls to 8-21 overall and 4-10 overall.  You can access the entire box score by clicking here.

Dion Nesmith scored 14 points in the loss

As for the season, the Pride are not having it their way.  They have lost the last four in a row and nine of the last ten games they have played.  This is clearly not the way to success.  However, Hofstra head coach Joe Mihalich still believes in his team, and with good reason.  He thinks the Pride can beat anyone in the CAA.  I think he’s right.  They have what it takes and the playmakers they need in Zeke Upshaw and Dion Nesmith, each player averaging in double figures.  IMG_1851.jpg

One of the keys in doing well in any sport is to get hot at the right time.  The Pride have two more games left in the regular season and one of those games is against the third place team,                   William & Mary.  If Hofstra can get the ball falling in this game, they will have the                                                                                momentum heading into the CAA tournament.  Hofstra is already locked into the eighth seed for the tournament and will have to play an entry game against UNCW, a team they have beat twice.  After that game, the Pride will take on the number one seed Delaware in an elimination game.  IMG_1865.jpg

“If there was one team Hofstra could beat in the tournament, it would be Delaware,” said Michael Sullivan, the beat reporter for the men’s basketball team.  “If they win that game, they will have all the momentum in the world.”

Hopefully Hofstra can find the fight in them to come out and win the games they have left.

“They just have to keep it going and not give up, and then they will find the success they need for the postseason,” said Dan Savarino, play-by-play announcer for WRHU.  “Believe it or not, they could win it.”

The Pride are back in action on Wednesday taking on the College of William & Mary at 7:00 p.m. in Williamsburg.   You can catch the entire game on WRHU or on the web.


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      In President Obama’s recent State of the Union Address said he is signing an executive order to raise the minimum wage to $10.10.  That’s a bad idea because if minimum wage goes up, then prices will too.  It sounds like it will be a good idea, but the democrats  isn’t of society as a whole.  They are only worried about the poor and low class families.  Shouldn’t society by worried about the poor?

     By raising the minimum wage, that means that prices on everyday items will also rise.  For example, at a grocery store, the prices will rise because the company needs to make more money to pay employees.  That means all the new money that the people will be making, they just will be spending it in the same things that are just priced higher.

     “I think it’s good,” said Jackie Parsons, a minimum wage worker, “but because it’s rising, so will the cost of living.”  Jackie knows how it really is going to be.  It won’t be glamorous at all.  You can access an entire list of stats from companies on minimum wage workers from 2012 by clicking here.

      If companies do not take the first path, then they will be forced to take a different route and lay off some of their workers.  They have to do this so they can have the money to pay the minimum wage.  How is that helping the economy? It’s not at all, it just makes the economy worse.

     “It would cut jobs, but it would give people an incentive to work harder,” said Dianna Albanese, who is currently in jeopardy of losing her job. “It would also allow those people who are willing to work hard to make more money.”

     I asked economics major, Ryan Maher, what he thought.  He said, “I feel like we should not raise the minimum raise based on other Obama policies and Ideals.”  From what he is saying, he thinks the whole problem is President Obama.  So would this make sense in maybe a few years when a republican is at the helm?  It couldn’t make less sense.

     By raising the minimum wage, the economy will only hit a new low.  Because of Obama and “his plan”, he might just send the whole country into a new great depression.  Is this what we really need as a society?  Hopefully President Obama comes to his senses and doesn’t do anything stupid before his going out party in 2017.

    You can see how the minimum wage has evolved over the years by clicking here.

The Path to the Joan and Donald Axinn Library

This slideshow has many facts about the Joan and Donald Axinn Library at Hofstra University and shows how to get there from the Lawrence Herbert School of Communications.

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USA Men's Ice Hockey Road to Gold

The USA men’s ice hockey team is one win away from going back to the championship game. They defeated the Czech Republic in the quarter finals to advance to the semi finals to play Canada for a rematch of last years championship game. The USA team is trying to win gold for the third time.

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   Peyton Manning had one of the greatest seasons of all time this year for a quarterback, breaking numerous records. But the question still remains as is “Peyton Manning the greatest player of all time?”  After his performance in this years Super Bowl, I believe Manning will never be considered the greatest quarterback of all-time ever again.  I am one of the biggest Peyton Manning fans and I believe he is not only a great player but a great human being, however, after this game, I do not have his back. 

   So much collaboration goes into that decision, but as he proved this past Sunday, championships are not on his side.  All the greats, such as Joe Montana and John Elway, have multiple Super Bowl championships.

  “Yes it hurts his legacy because he feels that the greatest quarterback would not have choked in a game like that,” said Anthony Santaniello, a big fan of the game, said, “That’s why I believe Joe Montana is the best”  

   If Manning had won this year’s championship, I feel as if not only did he have the greatest season of all-time by any player, but he would have been considered the greatest player of all time.  With this game now in the books, it’s tough to say that he is in the discussion.  His poor performance with two interceptions, has really damaged his reputation.

   “His performance in Super Bowl 48 will be a crimp in the eyes of every analyst and fan,” Brian Cudina said, and huge fan of the game it self.  

   Of course he will always be considered a great player, but he will never be considered the greatest of all-time ever again.  And if he can make yet another comeback for next season, he might just be able to raise the argument once again, but it will never be the same.  

   Anthony Notarile said, “It affects his legacy because after that performance, he might not be in consideration for a top five of all time spot.  For me, his legacy is permanently tainted.”   

   Manning way trying to do something that has never been done before.  He was trying to become the first quarterback ever to win championships with two different teams. As destiny would tell, the Seattle Seahawks defense was too dominant for Peyton Manning. For the rest of his life, his performance in Super Bowl 48 will haunt him, on and off the field, because that sixty minutes of play just ruined his claim to fame as possibly being considered the greatest player to ever play the game.  

   To see final stats from Sunday’s game, you can click here.